Academic Tutoring



The first step is an intake meeting.  LDAY staff will meet with you to discuss your concerns and to see which of our services may be a good fit for your child or youth. Topics may include general coursework, reading or math remediation, social skills or organizational strategies.

For students enrolled in school, we appreciate any recommendations from teachers.  Our coordinator will then match the client with a suitable tutor, taking into account personality, subject area and schedules.  The frequency, duration and location of lessons are specific to each student.


LDAY tutors are contracted on a casual basis and most are experienced teachers.  Many have specialized training to address learning disabilities or with specific remedial programs. 
All LDAY tutors have presented clean criminal record checks and been through an interview with LDAY staff to review qualifications and experience.  LDAY provides tutors with workshops and resources relating to learning disabilities and teaching strategies.  


Tutors are paid from $20 to $35 per hour, depending on experience and training.  Tutors may invoice for time spent preparing lessons, writing reports, and meeting with parents and teachers.  Tutors will invoice 30 minutes for missed appointments.  
Tutors invoice LDAY, usually monthly.  The invoice includes a summary of the tutoring sessions, which clients can view upon request.  LDAY will invoice the client or a pre-arranged third party funder.  Receipts are issued for paid invoices, which clients may be able to apply towards the federal Children’s Arts Tax Credit. 
If a client cannot afford to pay for tutoring, a portion may be paid through our bursary program.  Bursaries are granted based on need, such as low income, large number of dependants, or other circumstances.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you need the bursary either for a short or extended period of time.  We encourage those who take advantage of the LDAY bursary to volunteer at our fundraising events.


If you know that you or your child cannot attend a session, please let the tutor know as soon as possible.  Punctuality is important so that students receive the full lesson time.
Keep in touch with LDAY!  We are here to help with the challenges and love to know about your successes.  Please tell us how we can improve our services.

For information, contact our Tutor Program Coordinator.