Accommodations and Assessments

Do I Disclose my Learning Difficulties or Not? 

Attending a new school, often in a new town, can be a daunting task. Some students are nervous about disclosing a diagnosed learning disability to their school for various reasons. Some students figure they will wait and see what happens. If a student can recognize early when they are struggling, this method can work. Remember if you then choose to disclose your learning disability it can take some time for accommodations to become active.

If you’re starting school in September consider trying the academics until Thanksgiving. At this point, if you’re struggling and need support contact your school’s Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). This process can take several weeks or months, especially if you require a new assessment.      

If you wish to have your accommodations continued immediately, you’ll need to register with your school’s OSD. Contact your school’s OSD before the start of the school term and schedule an intake meeting. 

Questions to ask the OSD:

Does the OSD provide:
      a.    Academic counseling, course selection;
      b.    Assistance with time management and organization; 
      c.    Assistance with planning, organizing and proofreading essays;
      d.    Modified exam arrangements;
      e.    Access to tutors;
      f.    Support and intervention if needed. 

Things to bring: 
      1.    Assessment reports;
      2.    Individual education plan;
      3.    Medical documentation, etc.

Remember information you share with the OSD is confidential. You have the right decide who has access to your information (professors, teaching assistants, etc.).