The transition to post-secondary education can be difficult for students with learning difficulties. Students can find it overwhelming navigating services and accommodations, adjusting to a less structured environment with new social groups, not to mention tackling the new classes. Below, you'll find links to useful information for students with LD, ADD, ADHD, and other learning challenges. 

Not ready for post secondary school?

      1.    A gap year;
      2.    Gaining work experience;
      3.    Working for school savings!

Selecting a Post-Secondary Institution

When selecting a post-secondary institution to attend there are many factors to consider such as: location, programs, admission requirements, cost, living arrangements, etc. In addition, students with learning difficulties should also consider the following:

Will the institution allow:
      1.    A reduced or redistributed course load;
      2.    Payment only for courses taken;
      3.    Assistance with note taking (access to instructors notes, note takers, etc.)
      4.    Course waivers or substitutions;
      5.    Use of a laptop in class.

Does it have:
      1.    Software (text-to-speech, speech-to-text);
      2.    Digital textbooks/screen reading software; 
      3.    Support groups.