Since 1973, LDAY has worked to support Yukon learners of all ages.


President: Mark Browning

Vice Presidents: Ashley Fewer & Martin Lehner

Directors: Lina Radziunas, Emma Stinson, Margi Pazskowska, Andrew Cook

Our Mission

LDAY (the Learning Disabilities Association of Yukon) Centre for Learning is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of learning differences, and supporting children, youth and adults with learning difficulties or disabilities. LDAY provides leadership through advocacy, education, programs and services.

At LDAY, our decision making, actions and relationships are guided by four core values: Respect, Empowerment, Innovation, Integrity

" LDAY is a vital part of the Yukon community. It provides an invaluable service to society by helping unlock the talents and contributions of people who think outside the conventional cognitive box"
- LDAY client, in survey response