Worrying and Anxiety


Here are two techniques to help break the cycle of stress you get stuck on particular worries:

1. Schedule your worries
When your mind is racing, you feel overwhelmed, and you can’t seem to focus, call a time-out for yourself. Set a timer for 15 minutes and write down everything that you’re worried about. But when the buzzer sounds, put your worries away and allow yourself to focus on something else. If you are going through a tumultuous or difficult time—perhaps you are in the midst of a divorce or you are facing a financial setback—and worry is persistent, try setting aside a specific time each day to record your worries. Simply having this time each day can help you contain your worries. You know you’ll have time to tend to them without having them take over your day.

2. Make a worry box
Find any box, decorate it however you like, and keep it in a handy place. (I found that this was a great activity to do with my young children, since they loved helping to decorate the box.) Jot down each worry as it crops up on a piece of paper and drop it into the box. Once your worry is deposited in the box, try to turn your attention to other matters. The worry box essentially allows you to mentally let go of your worries. 

taken from "Two techniques for reducing stress" from Harvard Health Publications